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Adam Jasinski also known as AJ Power is a Cinematographer, Director and Content Producer.
With a passion for visual art, film, music and entertainment he has worked on projects within the creative industry for over ten years.

In 2020 Adam obtained his Masters in Filmmaking  specialising in cinematography form Goldsmiths University Of London 


In his teens Adam relocated to the UK. In London Adam completed his education and developed his creative skills. He went on to establish his own production company and developed content for TV, businesses and artists for use across all media platforms.

During his career he has produced emotive and engaging documentaries for charities, community organizations and businesses. Many of these have been aired on satellite, national and international TV networks. They have also been used by organizations in their campaigns to reach larger audiences and garner support.
When working  with record labels and musicians, he has produced live tour visuals, backstage all access footage and promotional adverts for use on television and social media. Adam has also Directed and Produced music videos for signed and unsigned artist.
He has been a major supporter and promoter of the UK Hip Hop scene by creating platforms for musicians to release music and engage with wider and more mainstream audiences. Through projects like Sounds of the Streets and 16 Barz he has been able to showcase different aspects of Hip Hop in the UK.
With a love for music and visual arts Adam continues to explore ways to fuse the two through film and TV.
Adam produced and directed the popular lifestyle and entertainment television show UK Swagger. The program generated great audience reaction and was picked up by two networks for broadcast nationally and internationally.

Adam has been able to use his knowledge of production as a Music and Video Tutor working with young people.

As well as the working on his personal projects Adam is a successful Freelancer working on various projects such as films, short films, commercials, TV shows, promotional videos, music videos and documentaries in US, UK, Europe and Africa.






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